Plan a Breathtaking Summer Wedding!

Dreamy, beautiful, and always lively, summer weddings are an irresistible choice for a lot of couples. When magic flows in the air, how could you even try to resist the charm of a summer wedding date?

If you have your heart set on the hot season for the Big Day, you definitely want to coordinate your wedding décor with the beautiful vibes of the summer months. How to do that, though?

We have some tips and ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Floating flowers. Does your wedding venue have a pool? Discuss with them and with your wedding florist if you can create a wedding sign out of flowers and allow them to float away on the surface of the water. Your initials, the word “LOVE”, or any other short message will add a truly unique, summer-y touch to the entire Big Day décor!
  • Frozen rosé We all know rose pink is one of the most popular wedding colors this year – but have you considered bringing it into your wedding drinks as well? Serve icy rosé wine at your wedding and guests are guaranteed to love the idea!
  • Play with the glasses. Planning a casual, fun wedding? Play around with your glassware and allow some childishness to enter your wedding décor with pineapple-shaped, flamingo-inspired, and bright-colored glasses. People will definitely love sipping their wine and cocktails from these fun pieces!

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Photo by Brandon Morgan on Unsplash